Dio hologram makes US debut at Pollstar Awards

Posted by on February 3, 2017

Later this year, you’ll get a chance to see the closest thing to an actual Dio concert since he passed in 2010. The Ronnie James Dio hologram made it’s debut last year at Wacken Open Air, and as it gets readied for a full-on tour later this year, it opened the 28th annual Pollstar Awards in Los Angeles yesterday (2). The whole thing looks pretty impressive, if a little off-setting. The crowd, full of touring industry executives, doesn’t help things at all. It’s really strange to see the front row blankly staring at what’s going on. And while Dio’s band sound fine, perhaps due to the technical difficulty of playing along with a vocal track, don’t really move around all that much either. It’ll be interesting to see what the level of interest is like when “Dio” tours later this year. So far, the like/dislike radio is 2/1.

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