Devin Townsend reveals full touring band for European tour

Posted by on September 25, 2019

In a new video, Devin Townsend has announced the full touring lineup for his Empath – European Tour Vol. 1. Devin has been touring acoustically these past couple of months and has finally decided on a touring lineup.

Joining him on stage will be:

  • Drummer Morgan Ågren
  • Guitarist Mike Keneally
  • Ambient guitarist Markus Reuter
  • Keyboardist Diego Tejeida
  • Singer and guitarist Ché Aimee Dorval
  • Bassist Nathan Navarro
  • A three-person choir comprised of Samantha and Anne Preis, and Arabella Packford

In the video, the frontman explains how this upcoming tour is a “quantum leap” for him and how there will be no backing tracks during the show.

“There have been only a few times throughout my career that I can safely say I’ve taken a chance as big as I’m about to take with these new touring plans. But I believe that to not take a chance on something as important to me as this can only lead to creative stagnation.

It is with profound gratitude that I can announce this next tour. To be joined by musicians of this caliber, as well as crew and sound design of such a level, is something I am truly humbled by. As one who has been working professionally my whole career to be able to be allowed to pull something like this off, I really can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone involved.

This is a quantum leap for me, and it’s a situation that I have been very proactive in choosing a group of individuals and setlist for.

I am thrilled and honoured to be joined on these next tours by drummer Morgan Ågren, guitarist Mike Keneally, ambient guitarist Markus Reuter, keyboardist Diego Tejeida, singer and guitarist Ché Aimee Dorval, bassist Nathan Navarro, as well as a three-person choir comprised of Samantha and Anne Preis, and Arabella Packford.

This will be without a net. No backing tracks, no clicks, a lot of room for improvisation, and every possible avenue through musicians and production of high calibre for new and interesting things to be possible each night.

Though this is the first of my upcoming plans for touring, and I don’t want to be limited in the future, my gut feeling is that this will be a truly unique and fascinatingly colourful organization that will yield wonderful things. I truly hope it can be received well enough to be brought to a lot of different territories.

In a wonderful turn of events, the tour is selling out quickly, so please don’t delay and miss the opportunity to see this unique band.

Thank you again for allowing me to do these sorts of things. Truly.”


Check out the entire video below:

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