Devin Townsend premiere “Evermore” music video

Posted by on March 15, 2019

On March 29th, Devin Townsend’s new album Empath will be released via InsideOut Records. Today (15th), the legend has unleashed a video for the new song “Evermore.” We’ve already heard the fresh track  “Genesis,” and it has already proven that we will never get tired of seeing Townsend reinvent his creative wheel.

Townsend wrote the below letter to his fans about “Evermore”

“So with the release of Empath fast approaching, and people having had various chances to hear the album, the reactions are pretty much what I expected: Those interested in the more artistic and free form side of what I do really seem to like and understand it, and those looking for the more commercial or rocking side of what I do are maybe not so convinced 🙂

The initial plan was to release a more commercial song next (the sole one on the album, ‘Spirits Will Collide’) but the video we’ve been working on for that is hilariously ambitious and we needed a bit more time. Therefore, we opted to release this song, ‘Evermore’, as a way to bridge that gap. It’s slightly in the same vein as ‘Genesis’ on some level I suppose, but a little more groovy and a bit less fractured in terms of structure.

The lyrics are not as much about a bored space cat crash landing on ‘planet fear’ in a literal sense, but I guess that’s easier to articulate with visuals at this stage than ‘yet another song about trying to work through one’s own mid-life bullshit to find some sense of self-actualization’, though perhaps with more time, it will resonate further with that. Thanks to Wayne, Josh and Miles for the tag team animations.

The drums on this particular track are all Anup Sastry, (who is a great guy who loves his dog) and the Elektra choir helps out a lot again. I’ve got a strange relationship with singing at this stage of my career so I really appreciated the support.

I encourage you, (if you like this sort of stuff, that is) to check it out in headphones. There’s a fair amount of candy in this song I spent a long time on. I think it’s streaming now too…

Thank you sincerely. The album is meant to be of some help in a weird way.  – Dev”

Check out the video below and pre-order the album here:

Track List:

1) Castaway

2) Genesis

3) Spirits Will Collide

4) Evermore

5) Sprite

6) Hear Me

7) Why

8) Borderlands

9) Requiem

10) Singularity

     Part 1 – Adrift

     Part 2 – I Am I

     Part 3 – There Be Monsters

     Part 4 – Curious Gods

     Part 5 – Silicon Scientists

     Part 6 – Here Comes The Sun


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