Devin Townsend launches Episode 1 of ‘Empath’ documentary

Posted by on January 23, 2019

When Devin Townsend set the release date for his new album Empath to March 29th via InsideOut Music, he also promised to premiere a series of documentary videos. Each episode features a segment of phone conversations he’s had during the course of the album’s recording. Today (23rd), the Canadian music artist has unveiled the first episode of the series, titled “Thesis.” Episode one is more of an introduction as Townsend explained the root to all of his musical efforts comes from “self actualization.”  

Watch Episode 1 “Thesis” below and pre-order the album here.

Track List:

01) Castaway

02) Genesis

03) Spirits Will Collide

04) Evermore

05) Sprite

06) Hear Me

07) Why

08) Borderlands

09) Requiem

10) Singularity Part 1 – Adrift

11) Singularity Part 2 – I Am I

12) Singularity Part 3 – There Be Monsters

13) Singularity Part 4 – Curious Gods

14) Singularity Part 5 – Silicon Scientists

15) Singularity Part 6 – Here Comes The Sun


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