Devin Townsend feeds Haunted Shores song a guest vocal

Posted by on April 4, 2016

hauntedshoresIf you’re a fan of Periphery, you already know about Haunted Shores. That band has been around for a while and features the  band’s guitarists, Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor. Former Periphery singer Chris Baretto has been in the band, which is a studio project, as well. Last year, the band released Viscera, an all-instrumental EP. One of the songs on it, “Norway Jose,” was one of the better tracks on that album, and it didn’t necessarily need a remake – or vocals for that matter. But if Devin Townsend volunteers to sing on something, you let Devin sing.

The track, now called “Feed the Wolf,” is a bonus track on the EP that will be available tomorrow via iTunes. However, Metal Sucks didn’t want you to wait, and they’re streaming it today – as are we, below! Devin Towsend fans are a special kind of crazy (in a good way), so they’ve probably already listened to this a million times, but even if you’re not a Heavy Devy fan, this is a killer track.


and here’s the original without all that Devin:





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