Demons & Wizards premiere “Diabolic” music video

Posted by on December 13, 2019

Demons & Wizards, the project featuring Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer and Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch, are gearing up for their first album in fifteen years with III, which is scheduled to arrive on February 21st via Century Media Records. Today (13th), the group has unleashed a video for the song “Diabolic.” 

Kürsch commented:

“‘Diabolic’ for sure is a musical statement and its message is very clear and precise: We take no prisoners! We had a hard time figuring out a proper opener to “III”, but when ‘Diabolic’ took shape, we realized it was the perfect introduction to the album!”

Schaffer adds: 

“This song is a sequel to ‘Heaven Denies’ and it is dark, heavy, vicious,melodic, and totally atmospheric, everything I love about songwriting and making records in eight minutes! ‘Diabolic’ has the right attitude to make a strong statement as the first song that people will hear after 15 years!”

Check out the video below and pre-order the album here:

We recently caught up with Hansi to discuss the upcoming Demons & Wizards album as well as Blind Guardian’s latest effort, Twilight Orchestra: Legacy of the Dark Lands,  as he expressed what a great feeling it is to finally have both records completed:

“Well, it’s an overwhelmingly great feeling. I was doing everything possible to have that orchestral album out far, far sooner. But we are a very picky breed, all the guys in Blind Guardian, André, and me in particular, so it took longer than expected, and it almost collided with the Demons & Wizards stuff. But at the very end, everything turned out extremely well, and it is the best of two different worlds I’m able to supply to the people within 12 months. I’m really proud because Legacy of the Dark Lands showcases not only me but also the band Blind Guardian from a completely different angle. It will appeal to people because it’s so different, and it will give impulses to people who are willing to explore something new. While Demons & Wizards, on the other hand, is a very classic heavy metal album with outstanding songs and with very harsh intensity. So for me, I cannot imagine a better set up, providing people with two different albums and both on an extremely high level.”




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