Demon Hunter up in flames in ‘The Last One Alive’

Posted by on October 30, 2015

Demon Hunter has released another new music video, this time for “The Last One Alive,” from their 2014 album Extremist. Their seventh studio album had their best debut in their 15 year career, debuting at #16 with almost 18,000 copies sold in its first week.

Vocalist Ryan Clark told LoudWire all about the video,

“The video for ‘The Last One Alive’ has been a long time coming. After a number of failed plans, we finally found the time to make it happen. Directed by Belief Agency, the video explores the concept of being chastised for one’s beliefs — in a very real sense.

We shot this video on the property surrounding my house. Since it had to be shot entirely in the dark, we had to wait for nightfall to start filming. At one point my neighbors drove up our street past about 12 torch-weilding hooded figures — and that was after they watched us build and ignite a massive pyre. I can only imagine what they think of their new neighbors.”

The song is part of the Extremist Deluxe Edition which is available on iTunes today, and it comes with two tracks from the box set edition of the 2014 album, along with two remixes of “The Last One Alive.”


(via LoudWire)


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