Danny Carey, Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland walk into a room…

Posted by on February 17, 2015


If you’re a fan of drums, then you probably just had a nerdgasm from the headline alone. Former Police drummer Stewart Copeland uploaded a video yesterday of a jam at his studio, the Sacred Grove, in which Rush drummer Neil Peart and Tool drummer Danny Carey stopped by to jam with him. Interestingly enough, instead of drums, Copeland plays guitar for the jam, which he calls “A Little More Noise.” There’s also a horn section and a ton of other guys, including former The Mars Volta drummer Dave Elitch, for a total of eight drummers. It’s a little less polyrhythmic and a little more jammy than one might expect, but it’s definitely something all drummers will want to check out, since it’s not like those guys will get together again anytime soon.

Some new drums arrived so Peart and Carey came over to lay heavy hands upon them. Scannell and I banged out any old riffs while Stone chimed the gongs.
Couple days later four MORE drummers dropped by and took up the horns. The piano was an afterthought.


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