Dad shreds while daughter strums

Posted by on September 12, 2014

We love The Onion. If you’re not familiar with the long-running satire site, then you’re doing it wrong. Recently, instead of just writing another brilliant article about the proliferation of clickbait “journalism” sites like Buzzfeed and Viralnova, they went and created their own, Clickhole. In addition to making fun of websites that encourage viral activities by writing¬†articles that encourage sharing (like this amazing “8 NSFW pics of Halle Berry” and quizzes like “What Iraq war are you?“), they also make some of their own video content. We wish this was real, but even though it’s not, it’s still great. The video “This 6-year-old guitarist is adorable, but my solos are amazing” capitalizes on everything that a viral video should have, namely a cute kid playing an instrument and a dad that’s not willing to let go of his youth.


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