Crobot have announced their new album, Obsidian, set to arrive on September 13th via Megaforce Records. The group has dropped a visualizer for their new single, “Come Down,” co-written by drummer Dan Ryan.

Guitarist Chris Bishop comments:

“As we started demoing songs, the music was being pushed more and more into a heavier, darker, more metal direction. ‘Come Down’ is one of the heaviest songs that we’ve done, it’s much more in the world of Alice in Chains. Dan, our drummer, comes from that world, and we didn’t try to stifle that, so the new music is a lot heavier than our previous albums. ‘Obsidian,’ the title track, went through many different structures, but it was never quite right. So, we put it on hold and hit up Howard Jones, who used to play in Killswitch Engage and is now in Light the Torch. We told him that we had the album’s title, Obsidian, but not the title track, sent him the tune, and he came back with some ideas that were perfect. So, we rolled with that; Brandon put his spin on Howard’s ideas, and we brought Howard into the circle of being in Crobot for that one song. Each song descends into the darker reaches of the psyche, set to a relentless rhythm of heavy, pulsing beats and gut-wrenching guitar solos, and offers a stark reflection of internal struggles.”

Vocalist Brandon Yeagley adds:

“‘Obsidian’ is almost a rebirth of our career. We were able to take a different approach to the writing and recording of this album, so the experience was very rewarding and different from past projects. Conflicts and reflections make you a better person, even in those darker moments, but I know I became a better person for it. I think that’s what symbolizes this entire album for us. It’s been a real breath of fresh air.”

Listen to the song below:

Feature Image Photo Credit: Kira Bishop