Corey Taylor opens up about being sexually assaulted

Posted by on May 26, 2017

Corey Taylor has matured into one of the best and most confident frontmen in rock and metal. And if you were wondering of all of the angst and rage he channels into being the frontman of Slipknot is an act, it’s safe to say that’s not the case. In an interview on an episoe of Viceland’s The Therapist, Taylor revealed that he was raped when he was 10. In the episode, Taylor sat with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh for a therapy sessions in which he opened up about his less than ideal childhood, including his sexual assault:

“I was raped by someone in the neighborhood. Where we were living at the time—we moved around a lot so obviously I had to make friends quickly. There was really only one person to hang out with, to play with and he was this 16-year-old kid. And he would invite me over to his house to play music and one day it became something else.

“I didn’t tell anybody for a long time because he threatened to hurt me and threatened to hurt my mom. He ended up burning his house down. They fled in the night, it was kind of crazy. It took me a long time to feel safe. I didn’t tell anybody until I was, probably, 18. By that time, I had found my tribe, as it were, of misfits.”

The session also included Taylor’s talk of drug abuse, poverty, domestica violence, and an attempt to kill himself. In the below clip, he talks about the significance of wearing a mask.

If you shave the proper cable subscription, you can watch the episode online at viceland.com.

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