Clutch Make Awesome Lyric Video

Posted by on February 5, 2013

While the lyric video is a relatively new development, it almost seems like it was invented for a band like Clutch. Given that Neil Fallon is one of the better rock lyricists out there, and the artist they’ve been working with, Agent Ogden, has a distinctive visual style, his visuals and Fallon’s lyrics melded together make perfect sense. Clutch’s first foray into the lyric video is the title track to their March 19 album, Earth Rocker. It looks like an outtake from the original Tron movie, and given that the chorus ends with Fallon yelling gibberish, it’s good for a laugh every time the chorus comes up. The single is available on iTunes today, so if you wanna get your fill of Clutch until next month when the album comes out, you can head over there and pick it up. Check out the video after the jump.[youtube]http://youtu.be/qWXzLZSNkDI[/youtube]

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