Children of Bodom premiere “Hexed” animation video

Posted by on October 30, 2019

Children of Bodom have unveiled an animation video just in time for Halloween for the song “Hexed.” The track is the title track of their latest effort, which was released in March via Nuclear Blast. The clip was made by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and spent fifteen weeks to bring it to life. A lot of hours was involved to making this video, 3000 exact between producers Aaron McLoughlin and Simon Norton along with their team.

Aaron commented:

“As always, we like to come up with something that suits what the band is all about, so we drew inspiration from the song lyrics as well as the monochromatic imagery found in Children of Bodom’s videos and album art. We decided on a black and white horror film would be cool – set on a lake, of course! And we had to include a Roy cameo appearance, obviously! Although ‘Hexed’ is a fast track, it’s also particularly measured in the way it plays out over the 5-minute duration, so part of the fun was crafting a cinematic narrative that flows with the amazing technical precision of the music. The animation students at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia are some of the most talented rising stars in the world, and I think they’ve done a terrific job on this project. Animating metal videos is such a fun thing to do at university, and the team felt very honoured creating this film for Children of Bodom.”

Bassist Henkka Seppälä added:

“It’s such a cool thing to have a video of one my  favourite tracks of the album. And the fact it’s made by Aaron and his 25 students in Australia is even cooler. The black and white calm mood suits perfectly to this not-so-calm song. The lake and it’s reflection makes a perfect ending for it.“ 

Check out the clip below:


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