Cemetery Skyline, the new supergroup featuring vocalist Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity, The Halo Effect), guitarist Markus Vanhala (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, I Am The Night), keyboardist Santeri Kallio (Amorphis), bassist Victor Brandt (Dimmu Borgir, Witchery), and drummer Vesa Ranta (Sentenced, The Abbey), have shared a video for their latest single “In Darkness.” The clip was directed by Patric Ullaeus and filmed in a famous theater in Gothenburg. The track follows the previous single, “Cemetery Skyline,” released last month.

Stanne comments:

“It is a song about losing your sense of self in all kinds of misery and doubt.”

Kallio adds:

“I like to think that people feel the melody and the vibe with this one. It’s taking me back to a gothic disco in Düsseldorf in ’96. There is a lot of smoke, a lot of lights, good melodies, a nice and steady beat.”

Vanhala states:

“After the first single, it shows a different side of goth. Goths like to dance…in darkness. Dancing with themselves or with myself, like Billy Idol once said, who had a valid point.”