Carcass unleash new song “Kelly’s Meat Emporium;” new album arriving in September

Posted by on June 18, 2021

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Carcass has announced that their upcoming seventh album, Torn Arteries will drop September 17th via Nuclear Blast. The band also shared a new track off their record dubbed, “Kelly’s Meat Emporium.”

Jeff Walker comments:

“It’s very clean, white, which we’ve never done before. It doesn’t look evil, or typically death metal, but I like how clean it is; almost like a coffee table book.” This new album presents images, lyrics, and sounds that so distinctly scream Carcass, but ferry us into a new era of production, songwriting, and art all together.

I think as our 7th album, it does stand out from the others both sonically and stylistically,” says Walker. “You can definitely tell that it’s CARCASS; when you drop that needle on the vinyl, when you hear that guitar tone, you can tell it’s Bill Steer, but each album is always a product of its time.”

Walker adds on the new single:

“The working title for Kelly’s was originally ‘Stock Carcass, We knew that one was a real meat and potatoes track for the album.” Meanwhile the elevated speed and catchy beat in “Dance of Ixtab” tell a robust and airier story, one that is certain to get a reaction from live crowds. “We built this song around the beat. We had an approach to each song that was a definite idea. It’s all about ‘what haven’t we done before?’”


Guitarist Bill Steer previously revealed to Heavy that Torn Arteries was conceived due to drummer Ken Owen’s fictitious band of the same name.

“[Ken Owen] had a fictitious band called Torn Arteries and he recorded everything himself in his bedroom — guitar and he’d actually bang on boxes and kind of scream into the mic. d the whole thing was so distorted, it kind of sounded super heavy, even though essentially you were listening to a guy with a Spanish guitar and a couple of boxes. I think Jeff [Walker[ appreciates the connection to the past and the fact that it was another Ken Owen classic. So that was his choice, really, and it stuck.”

Pre-order Torn Arteries here and check out “Kelly’s Meat Emporium” below!




Track List:

01) Torn Arteries

02) Dance of Ixtab (Psychopomp & Circumstances March No. 1)

03) Eleanor Rigor Mortis

04) Under The Scalpel Blade

05) The Devil Rides Out

06) Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Limited

07) Kelly’s Meat Emporium

08) In God We Trust

09) Wake Up And Smell The Carcass / Caveat Emptor

10) The Scythe’s Remorseless Swing

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