Capture the Crown release hot new video

Posted by on October 3, 2014

Capture the Crown premiered their video for “Firestarter” from their latest album, Reign of Terror. This is the Australian metalcore band’s first release on Artery Recordings.

Vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare explained the meaning of the song:

“I was in a fire when I was younger, I had third degree burns all over my body, my face, everywhere. So its personal. We tried to make it into a universal song, just trying to say don’t take your life for granted and appreciate what you’ve got because it can be taken away from you very easily.”

In an interview with, Wellfare talked about the recording process of Reign of Terror:

“We were on the road when we started writing the album to get a structure of the songs that we wanted. Then we wrote the songs and sent them to the producer. After, we started recording all the instruments and got that done with Taylor Larson and Ernie Slenkovich, and then Matt Good came in and helped us out with some stuff as well. We had forty-five days to record the album, but we had to cut it in the middle because we had to go on tour with Attila. After that, we went back in the studio and finished vocals and production. The process was weird and different from anything we have ever done. We just did a lot of weird shit in the studio that tried to pull emotion and rawness out of me and the rest of the band.”

The new album, their second, debuted at #82 on the charts.



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