But really, how bad is this guitar solo?

Posted by on April 5, 2016

jonasWe’re not really in the habit of writing about country music, even though we did it just yesterday. And even though the only difference between hair metal and nu country is a slide guitar solo and a cowboy hat instead of Aqua Net, we’re not about to become Country Insider. However, a post on rockfeed.net asking if a guitar solo was the most embarrassing solo ever performed on live  TV made our ears perk up. And once we heard the solo, we were sad for everyone involved. Former teen idol Nick Jonas popped up on the American Country Music Awards to play a solo for Kelsea Ballerini, and things didn’t go as planned.

The second half of the solo highlighted in the video in question is only about 8 notes long, but he manages to flub one of the notes, awkwardly strum a little, hit another note or two and drop off instead of coming in with a big finish. It’s infuriated enough guitarists that it’s already a meme, with a parody video of it already garnering over 135,000 views. Is it the most embarrassing solo played on live TV? Maybe, but considering it was live TV, it’ll be forgotten about in a week or so. Nick Jonas is only 23, and he’s already had much more of a career than most people commenting on it, regardless of the cringe-worthiness of it all.

Ouch! Nick Jonas’ solo last night at the ACM Awards.http://bit.ly/FUSHIRT

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here’s the parody video:


[via Metal Injection]


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