Bring Me The Horizon release really weird “Oh No” video

Posted by on November 3, 2016



When Bring Me the Horizon made the jump to Columbia for their latest album, everything got bigger. Their music got poppier, their live shows have gotten more elaborate, and their video budgets have gotten bigger. Their video for “Follow You” was a modern day zombie movie with riots and gore, and it made a lot of sense, in a Shaun of the Dead kind of way. For the album-closing “Oh No,’ the band have released another video via Rolling Stone, and it’s a video that’s as weird as the song itself

Listening to earlier BMTH albums like Suicide Season, you’d never think to yourself ‘y’know, one day I could totally see there being a horn solo on one of their songs one day, but there indeed is one in “Oh No,” one of the more commercial songs on the band’s current album That’s the Spirit. And perhaps that’s the jumping off point for the reason that the band included a grotesque trumpet-playing baby in the video. There’s also an unexplained hostage situation and shots of the band tweaking something or other from a mixing board. 

“This is the first video I’ve took a step back from creatively and let the director take full control,” BMTH’s singer Oli Sykes tells Rolling Stone of the Isaac Eastgate–directed clip. “At first, I was apprehensive but when it all came together I was psyched on it. It’s got a good balance of humor and meaning, and it’s a video that leaves you with a lot of questions.”

Yeah, it does leave us with a lot of questions. Mainly, “what the hell did I just watch?”



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