Brick By Brick Release Music Video for “Bar Is Open”

Posted by on February 26, 2019

Brick By Brick has released a rowdy new video for their even rowdier new single “Bar Is Open.” The video features the band partying hard at the bar, having a good time with a big group of their closest friends.

Guitarist Mike Valente told Kerrang! Magazine of the video:

“This music video just depicts a day in the life amongst friends. This is how life should be – carefree and surrounded by loved ones. Sharing good times is what life should be about. The filming came naturally and captured these animals in their natural habitat.”

“Bar Is Open” features a special guest appearance from Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan frontman Tony Foresta. Says vocalist Ray Mazzola of the song in the same Kerrang! article,

“’Bar Is Open’ is the sonic embodiment of the band and our lifestyle. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Live hard, love hard and party hard with our friends and family. The song has its own energy and is a pure personification of the raging spirit in all of us. If you’re bored with life, you’re living wrong.”

While Foresta does not physically appear in the “Bar Is Open” video, his presence in the song is made abundantly clear. During his verse, some people in the bar scene can be seen holding up masks of the singer’s face.

Watch the clip below:

“Bar Is Open” comes from Brick By Brick’s sixth studio album, Hive Mentality, which was released this passed Friday (22nd) via Upstate Records. Valente recently spoke to us on the meaning behind the album: 

“Hive Mentality is the frustration I’ve been dealing with social media and the way it plays a big part in people’s lives.” He continues, “It’s about the people who live their lives through social media and don’t give it a break. The future doesn’t look good. That’s where we stand on it. It’s just; people shouldn’t be sheep, they should get a mind of their own and go out and live a little. How many times do you go to a concert and people are watching through their phone while they’re videotaping it. It’s crazy.”

Brick By Brick will be promoting  Hive Mentality with a handful of shows this spring. For part of March, the band will be touring Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. The band also has a couple of east coast US dates, including an April 5 show in Connecticut, a May 19 show in Brooklyn, NY and a May 30 show in Buffalo, NY.

Read more of our interview with Brick By Brick’s Mike Valente here.


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