Best Video Ever Of The Week: Tool Joined By Rammstein Members Onstage

Posted by on February 7, 2011


At first, you’d think Tool isn’t the type of band that enjoys the occasional guest joining them onstage. Yet, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has jammed with them onstage twice. And recently, during their performance at the Big Day Out Festival in Adelaide, Australia, industrial shock kings Rammstein joined Tool onstage. However, rather than just simply playing along to a song, Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Christoph Schneider brought a flamethrower to light a drum set on fire. In other words, while “jamming” for Kirk Hammett refers to playing guitar to a song, jamming to Rammstein means lighting shit on fire. Both, though, are equally awesome in their own ways…actually Rammstein lighting shit on fire during Tool’s set slightly takes the edge. Tool + Rammstein + Fire = insanely awesome! Best part, though, is that you can watch video of this awesome collaboration above.

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