Best Music Videos of the Week Ending 2/10

Posted by on February 10, 2017

It sure has been a diverse week of music videos, ranging from horror, kittens, to claymation. Here are this week’s best music videos.

5) Wear Your Wounds,  “Wear Your Wounds”

Wear Your Wounds premiered the first music video off of their debut album out April 7. Founded by Converge’s Jacob Bannon, who compiled years worth of solo material. Wear Your Wounds is currently available for preorder here.   

4) Steel Panther,  “Poontang Boomerang”

Steel Panther are at it again with the new video for “Poontang Boomerang” from their upcoming album Lower the Bar out March 24. The video begins with frontman Michael Starr waking up after a night of partying, discovering he brought a woman in bed with him. He walks to the kitchen and finds himself talking to his kitten who warns him that the woman is crazy. Starr listened to his kitten by kicking the woman out. Unfortunately, the kitten was right, the woman ends up confessing her love to him, outside his window, unable to leave his property.

3) Ex Deo, “The Roman”

Epic metallers Ex Deo premiered the video for “The Roman” off of their upcoming album The Immortal Wars out February 24 via Napalm Records. Frontman Kataklysm singer Maurizio Iacono introduced the video as:

The Roman is a song celebrating the roman soldier for his discipline, his loyalty and his will to victory, the most fierce war machine ever assembled and not by individual conquest but by teamwork , they changed the world in warfare .. this video was filmed in a remote area in Belgrade , Serbia with a great team who put a lot of hard work and heart into it , we tried to be as historically accurate as we could with what we had at our disposal , its not ment to be a reproduction of Hannibal’s last confrontation with Scipio ( almost an impossible task ) but we flirted with the idea , Enjoy !” – Maurizio”

2) Imperial Triumphant, “Breath of Innocence”

Imperial Triumphant released the video for “Breath of Innocence” from their album Inceste (2016). It is as intense as it gets, and it involves a 1920s horror film aesthetic. For those who appreciate silent films from back in the day, you would appreciate this video.  

1) Iron Reagan, “Fuck the Neighbors”

It is most likely too soon to say that Iron Reagan’s new video for “Fuck the Neighbors” should be considered as one of the best music videos of 2017. Taken from Crossover Ministry via Relapse Records, the video is made in complete claymation and it is both adorable and brutal. 

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