Baroness release “Shock Me” video, comment on Paris attacks

Posted by on November 16, 2015


We’ve already had a tasting of “Chlorine and Wine,” the first song released from Baroness’ forthcoming Purple. Today, the band released a video for “Shock Me,” a second track from the album, out on December 18th on their own label Abraxan Hymns. It’s not an Ace Frehley cover, but a more upbeat number than the first song. The band also took some time yesterday to share their thoughts on the massacre at Bataclan in Paris on Friday during a Eagles of Death Metal show.

“We are keenly aware that the tragic events of this past Friday have been covered in great detail online and on television; and there is very little we can add to the conversation, especially here on our facebook page. However, this horrifying and brutal attack did have a palpable effect on the immediate community of which we are part. In fact, we have personally spent time on tour with several of the musicians directly affected in one of the many the attacks.

While that fact alone doesn’t necessarily make this any more or less an issue for our band or our community of musicians (this is a global problem), the proximity we have to this tragedy gives us all the more reason to pause, take stock, and at the very least ask some difficult social/political/personal questions, many of which are likely to have no plausible answer. We have been through difficulties ourselves, and recent events make our perceived injuries seem pale and trivial by comparison.

We’d like to take a moment here to simply recognize and show our utmost sympathy and support for all those involved in the disastrous events of the 13th in Paris, and all other recent and related incidents around the world (there are too many to attempt to list here in a single post.) These words are likely to get lost in a great tide of online opinions, arguments, and statements. We are not trying to cover or address the full scope of things; but the fact is that this is one out of many horrible events that we’ve all borne witness to this year, many of which received far less coverage.

It leaves us confused, saddened, and angered. We all hope there will be some global and fundamental shift for the better in the near future, but for the time being, our hearts go out to everyone worldwide, who has felt the resulting pain of this brutality, both in Paris and abroad. It is far easier and more reasonable to be pessimistic in times like this, we can only hope that there is a contingency of hope left out there; and that something can be done to confront and contend with all these currently conflicting ideologies and acts of heartless extremism. There surely is no easy answer, but each one of us is capable of showing support, sympathy and love, if we so choose.

Thanks for the time it took you to read this.”

You can pre-order Purple here, or digitally here or here. You’ll get an instant-grat download of the track.


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