Photo Credit: Bryan Kirks

Bad Omens and Poppy have teamed up for the fresh new single, “V.A.N.” The track is a blend of alternative styles accompanied by a futuristic narrative. Written and produced by Bad Omens’ Noah Sebastian, the song previews their upcoming album, part of the Concrete Forever project, known as Concrete Jungle Ost. The project is referred to as an experimental extension of the band’s successful 2022 LP, The Death of Peace of Mind, and the soundtrack to their Concrete Jungle comic book universe. “V.A.N” transcends as an industrial metal track, delving into the story of an artificial intelligence entity determined to destroy humanity. The track showcases Bad Omens’ hypnotic production and Poppy’s versatile vocals. 

The accompanying cinematic music video, directed by Garrett Nicholson and Poppy, complements the AI concept, drawing inspiration from video games and sci-fi films. Fans can catch the live performance of “V.A.N” during the European leg of Bad Omens’ Concrete Forever tour with Poppy, accessible via livestreams on VEEPS from Tomorrow (28th) to Monday (29th.) 

Noah Sebastian comments:

“That’s a song that started just with the hook’ Violence against nature’, and then after saving the project with the acronym and seeing it we realized it could be fun to think of ‘VAN’ as a name. Thus the rabbit hole of ideas began that led us to decide to write lyrics from the perspective of an artificial intelligence gone rogue.”


Watch the clip below and get tickets for Night one here and Night 2 via this location