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Posted by on August 31, 2015

At the Gates just released a live-performance music video for “The Book of Sand” from their latest album, At War With Reality, which debuted at #51 when it came out last year. The video was filmed fairly recently, at the Rockstadt Extreme Festival in Romania on August 15th.

Vocalist Tomas Lindberg explained the meaning behind the song in a 2014 interview with The Aquarian:

“The Book Of Sand is a novel by Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentinean writer from the ‘40s. My starting point was his novel. The Book Of Sand is like a book that never ends, it just goes on. It engulfs you and doesn’t let you go. You kind of go crazy from reading it. That was my starting point from it and then I added the whole kind of media flow in the 2000s where all the knowledge is superficial and out there and doesn’t need to be conquered or learned. Everything is just out there as long as you have an internet connection. This kind of deluded way of perceiving the world is what I am raging against in that song. It’s really about how protectionist we have become in the Western world today and how blind we have become to what is really going on.”

At the Gates will be doing a 10-date tour in Latin America starting later this week, and will play Slipknot’s Knotfest in October.


At the Gates Latin America 2015 tour dates:

9/2 – Guadalajara (Mexico) @ C3
9/3 – Monterrey (Mexico) @ Café Iguana
9/4 – Mexico City (Mexico) @ Circo Volador
9/5 – San Jose (Costa Rica) @ Pepper’s Club
9/6 – Bogotá (Colombia) @ Teatro Metropol
9/8 – Santiago (Chile) @ Teatro Cariola
9/10 – Buenos Aires (Argentina) @ Teatro Flores
9/11 – Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) @ Teatro Odisseia
9/12 – Limeira (Brazil) @ Mirage
9/14 – Sao Paulo (Brazil) @ Clash Club


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