Yesterday was the beginning of Tool drummer Danny Carey’s one-week stand on Late Night With Seth Meyers. So far , there have been zero drum solos and no appearances by other members of Tool. You probably shouldn’t hold your breath for anything new from the band any time soon, regardless of the fact that the 10 year anniversary of their last one, 10,000 Days, happened back in April. Then again, maybe Seth Meyers knows something we don’t. After a quick return from commercial that showed Carey drumming, the host introduced the band, and more specifically, Carey. “Be sure to look out for a new album from Tool coming sometime soon,” Meyers said. We’re guessing Meyers isn’t a Tool fan (he seems more like a Vampire Weekend kind of guy to us), but it’s almost comical how vague that is. Is the former Saturday Night Live cast member trolling Tool fans? Maybe, but more likely he’s just going on information given to him by the band’s management. In a perfect world, before the end of the week, Carey would announced a release date for the new album. Hell, even a year would do (“new Tool in 2018, y’all!), but being a fan of the band, you know their motto is hurry up and wait. It’ll be interesting to see if anything further is said about the band for the rest of the week.


[via Metal Injection]