Remember when Asking Alexandria got a new singer last year to replace Danny Worsnop? Denis Stoff’s tenure in the band was short-lived, with only one year and an album, The Black, to show for it. He left the band under odd circumstances, with the band claiming he just stopped communicating with them. According to a report from Brian Storm, the band aren’t the only people Stoff ghosted on, however.

He says that a fan Stoff’s named Maxine Solemn paid Stoff to do a guest vocal on Solemn’s album. They agreed on a fee of $800, and although Solemn only paid him $500, the vocalist who wasn’t even in Asking Alexandria at the time, still took the money. And in a trend that continued once he joined Asking Alexandria, he soon became impossible to get in touch with. Solemn made a video warning other bands against potentially working with Stoff. 

Fortunately for Solemn, his video went viral enough for Asking Alexandria guitarist and founding member Ben Bruce to see it. He reached out to the musician and offered him the $500 that Stoff disappeared with. It’s a happy ending to a story that could have ended with an independent musician out of a significant amount of money. It’s also above and beyond what anyone in Asking Alexandria had to do, especially considering that Stoff wasn’t even in the band when it happened.

[via Metal Injection]