While Armored Saint were standard-bearers of heavy metal in the ’80s, they’ve slowed down a bit since then, having released only three albums since 1991. Of course that’s with good reason. Singer John Bush spent a good portion of the ’90s in a little band called Anthrax. Bassist Joey Vera even spent a little time in Anthrax temporarily. Regardless, they’re back, and  they’ve announced their seventh studio album, Win Hands Down, will be released on June 2.

Like Anthrax, the new album was produced by Jay Ruston, and the and have released a video for the title track. If you were a fan of the Bush-era (of Anthrax, not the United States!), then this will be like slipping into a comfortably worn-in denim jacket. Armored Saint fans as well will enjoy the song, as it’s good, solid, straight-ahead heavy metal with a memorable chorus, an awesome dual guitar solo, and a driving tempo that wouldn’t feel out of place on Symbol of Salvation. Here’s the track listing of the new album:

01. Win Hands Down
02. Mess
03. An Exercise In Debauchery
04. Muscle Memory
05. That Was Then, Way Back When
06. With a Full Head of Steam
07. In an Instant
08. Dive
09. Up Yours

Win Hands Down will be released on June 2nd on Metal Blade. You can pre-order it here.