Apparently, Alice Cooper feeds his frankenstein White Castle

Posted by on July 9, 2014


This past Monday, in Columbus, Ohio, Alice Cooper gave a performance in front of an intimate audience – at White Castle’s headquarters. The entertainer, currently on tour with Motley Crue, was inducted into the hamburger chain’s Craver Hall of Fame, which we didn’t know existed until now. Cooper awkwardly performed “No More Mr. Nice Guy” with local band Misfit Toys and sat for an interview, which was cheesily called “Inside the Craver’s Studio,” with White Castle’s VP of corporate relations Jamie Richardson.Cooper got to talk about growing up eating White Castle in front of a conference room full of people that looked roughly his age. Some of the cutaways of those in attendance are priceless.

“We didn’t grow up on McDonald’s, we didn’t grow up on anything [else], we grew up on White Castle,” Cooper said, seated in a suburban conference room across from a guy in a White Castle tie. “I never lost the craving for them…We played Detroit every Halloween, and I would always take the latest flight out back to Phoenix. I would have the guy stop, get a bag of White Castles, get on the airplane, and everybody on the airplane would go ‘I’d give you $5 for one of those’.”

The Columbus Dispatch was there to document it all, and while it looks like they overstated the 250 people they said were there, it looks like a fun time was had by all.

[via The AV Club]

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