Remember the grindcore act AxCx aka Anal Cunt? I don’t think we can forget, especially since it inspired Anal Trump aka AxTx, who hoped to make America grind again. In conjunction with Trump’s inauguration, the grindcore group formed by Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan and Pinback’s Rob Crow, released To All The Broads I’ve Nailed Before today. Is the EP title related to Planned Parenthood? Absolutely, as the band stated that 100% of the proceeds will go to them. In anti-celebratory mode, this 10 song, one-minute EP was released today along with a few surprises in an effort to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. Earlier today, Vice premiered their new video for “That Makes Me Smart” plus provided details on the new EP. The album is available to purchase via Joyful Noise Recordings. However, the limited 500 copy “piss yellow” vinyl pressing already sold out.

Read the band’s direct statement from earlier today from their page:

Folks! NEW EP announced! NEW Music Video for the entire “That Makes Me Smart!” EP! Just in time for my NEW job! That’s right folks, the beautiful people over at Joyful Noise Recordings have put together something really nice for the folks over at Planned Parenthood. 100% of the proceeds of the sale to our new EP “To All The Broads I’ve Nailed Before” will be going to them. Buy it digitally or you can buy the piss colored 5″ limited to 500 copies! We also present to you a brand new music video for the entire “That Makes Me Smart” EP by our director friend David Hall which you can view in the article below! Here’s a piece the fine Americans over at Noisey just did on us…”


1) “Mammograms Are Gay”

2) “Nasty Woman”

3)  “Before I Proceed, I’d Like To Hear The Other Side Of The Argument Against Cervical Cancer”

4) “Flip Your Panties!”

5) “The Fat Picture”

6) “If I Don’t Respect Women, Then How Come I Own A Beauty Pageant?”

7) “Some Of My Best Friends Know Some Women That They Still Have Yet To Sexualize”

8) “The Trump Rule”

9) “Working Wives”

10) “Whom I’d Sleep With 2000 (In Order)”