Amplified: Get doomy with Tethered To a Dying Animal

Posted by on September 12, 2014

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Tethered To a Dying Animal is a one-man project from R. of the funeral doom band The Howling Void (also a one-man project). The San Antonio project has a live lineup, but they still have yet to play a show. We were hooked from the first note of this. There are plenty of doom bands out there, but TTADA’s goal is to meld sludge and doom with grunge (slunge?). It’s a union of two genres that works amazingly well. Imagine Alice In Chains slowed down significantly, but heavier.  That’ll begin to give you an idea of what the project sounds like. Tethered To a Dying Animal recently released a video for “The Day I Gave Up,” taken from its debut EP Impermanent, that’s as dark and grim as the song itself. Find out more about the project on its Bandcamp or Facebook pages.


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