Amorphis UnderTheRedCloudFinland’s Amorphis has released the first trailer for their upcoming release Under the Red Cloud, which comes out September 4th via Nuclear Blast Records. Check out the band in the studio with producer Jens Bogren. The best part is that the trailer actually features a few clips from the album, further chipping away my sanity while I wait for all the good music coming up for the absolutely stacked back half of the year.

The video predominantly features keyboardist and drummer, Santeri Kallio and Jan Rechberger, in the studio and talking about pre-production. And beer.

Santeri and Jan had this to say about working with Jens:

“Jens has really been upgrading the tempos. We’ve been speeding up pretty much all the songs. Not every song, but most of the songs he’s been adding much more tempo which is really nice. Sometimes when you rehearse the songs you don’t really object and can’t see the tempo.” – Santeri

“He’s been calling our tempos “old man tempos,” and now we have to play with the young man tempo, and it’s obviously more challenging, and more fun also. As [Santeri] said, sometimes it’s really hard to pick the tempo for yourself. Sometimes the original one feels right, but that’s not the case all the time.” – Jan