America’s derpiest rock band writes Sarah Palin TV theme song

Posted by on March 27, 2014


Remember Madison Rising? The self-proclaimed “America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band” first made waves last month at a NASCAR event where they shit all over the National Anthem. It turns out that they weren’t done being patriotic. In fact, they’ve gone ahead and made the theme song for Sarah Palin’s new show Amazing America. The show, premiering next week on the Sportsman Channel (us neither) features Palin talking to true patriots. Palin, as you may remember, was Alaska’s Governor until she dropped out to unsuccessfully run for Vice President a few years back. If you liked Creed, but thought they were too metal, or like Nickelback, but wish their Canadian heritage didn’t stop them from singing songs about how great America is, then you’ve found a new favorite band. Want the lyrics? Here you go:

We believe in the American way
We built this country called the USA
And we fly our flag cause we’re proud and free,
We’re Americans!

Red white and blue is our way of life,
Never back down from a challenge or a fight,
[unintelligible] God gives the rights,
We’re Americans!

We make up America,
This amazing America!

We fish the waters and we hunt these lands,
We forge the steel with our own two hands,
With what we’ve got we do the best we can,
We’re Americans!

From the snowy paths to the desert sun,
The dogs and the horses and our trucks and the guns,
Mothers and daughters and fathers and sons,
We’re Americans!

Home of the brave in America,
We’re in amazing America!
We might be a little crazy, get a little nuts,
But you can’t have the glory if you ain’t got the guts!

Our strength and pride and faith and trust
Is American!

We like the [unintelligible] that you’ve ever seen,
We like ’em bigger and faster and louder and mean,
Tell me: Who wouldn’t want to be
An American?

Yeah! If you’re looking for something to spice up your 4th of July BBQ in a few months, or want to ironically prove that you’re a true patriot, you can download the song for free here.

[via Gawker]

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