Allegaeon announces Riley McShane as permanent vocalist

Posted by on December 14, 2015

Having just finished up touring with label-mates Act of Defiance, the Colorado based melo-death metal band Allegaeon is ready to hit the studio to record their next album. Before the band could even lay down any tasty grooves, they came out and announce that the touring vocalist for their last tour, Riley McShane (Continuum, Son of Aurelias), would be brought on as a full-time member of the band. Guitarist Greg Burgess had this to say about bringing McShane on board:

“We are extremely excited to officially announce Riley McShane as the permanent vocalist of Allegaeon. For those who have come to see us on the last two tours, I’m sure this will come as no surprise; his past work with Son Of Aurelius, Inanimate Existence, and Continuum speaks loudly as to who the man is as a musician and what kind of weapons he brings to the band. As a long time friend, and being a huge fan of his vocal abilities, this is very exciting for us. New blood is always a great catalyst for creativity, and to bring in a musician of his caliber has been nothing short of awesome. Not only has he been a perfect fit for the group personality-wise, but has also provided us with an array of new vocal techniques to use at our disposal. So, Riley, welcome! All Hail Science!”

Check out some of Riley McShane’s other work below.




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