Photo Credit Alexander Bemis


After four years, progressive metal band After The Burial have released new music with a double single called “Embrace The Infinity.” The single includes two tracks, “Nothing Gold” and “Death Keeps Us From Living.” The group has shared a music video for “Nothing Gold” to accompany the announcement. Vocalist Anthony Notarmaso reveals the new single reflects the band’s experience with the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Vocalist Anthony Notarmaso explains:

“These songs were written during a hard time in my life. I went to a place that some of us have been before, and some have never come back from. They move on the impermanence of life, that nothing lasts forever and giving in to the loss of control we no longer have when something dear to us ends. But they also remind us that fear, and the past can’t keep us from living. After the world turned upside down, like a lot of people, we found ourselves searching for inspiration. Exploring different avenues to express our creativity seemed to leave us lost. Instead, we found solace in going back to our roots and writing what we know and love. These songs are undeniably After The Burial, but with a modern twist. We hope you enjoy this next journey with us.”


Check out the two songs below: