Is there anything that sounds less appetizing than the term “acoustic hardcore?” The only time it’s been even kind of been pulled off is when Henry Rollins does spoken word. However, that didn’t stop 25 Ta Life from playing at least one song without a drummer recently. And instead of it being all acoustic, it’s the band playing full-on without drums. There are way more questions than answers here, as it appears to be a suburban backyard show by a pool. Instead of the crowd being mesmerized, the few people shown are milling around somewhat disinterestedly, not showing all that much strength in unity. At one point, the show seems to be in danger of being shut interrupted by a bro in a pink shirt, and many people walk through the stage area to avoid the pool. It was probably a fun thing to be at, if somewhat awkward, but not meant to be seen by more than the handful of people at the party. Regardless, kudos to the band for powering through it, and here’s hoping this is a trend that doesn’t continue.


In case you want to hear the original version, which has drums, check it out below:


[via Metal Injection]