Activision, the game publisher for Guitar Hero Live keeps adding more shred and metal jams into their playlist and the latest bands you probably care about to get added into the list are Pearl Jam and Lamb of God, who’s “Ghost Walking” will be on the game. Unless you care about Surfer Blood or Haim.

Director of product management, Tyler Michaud, discussed about the possibility to use Guitar Hero’s TV Premium Shows channel to promote new singles or album releases and even make tracks available for playing:

We feel there is especially huge potential for partnerships with artists for GHTV’s Premium Shows, which can include anything from playable concert footage to new artist or music video debuts and beyond, Let’s say an artist wants to drop a music video with their latest single. [We] can take that track, mark it up in the note highway and have it playable in an incredibly short timeframe. That flexibility will allow us to really tap into the potential for partnerships.

You can now jam some Lamb of God when the game is released this October 20th and there’s a chance you can play some more metal songs if labels get interested enough to use GHTV as a medium for promotion. Check out the latest track-listing added into the game below:

1. Pearl Jam — “Sirens”
2. Surfer Blood — “Demon Dance”
3. Gerard Way — “No Shows”
4. Orianthi — “According to You”
5. Haim — “The Wire”
6. Tonight Alive — “The Ocean”
7. Lamb of God — “Ghost Walking”
8. 36 Crazyfists — “Also Am I”
9. Wavves — “Demon to Lean On”
10. Passenger — “Let Her Go”

To see the full list, go here.


[via billboard]