Guitar Hero 5 Track List Unveiled

Posted by on July 31, 2009

gh5While the initial OMGTHATSAWESOME! reaction has worn off from the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, the games are still fun to play, and every time the track listing from a game is unveiled, it’s always cool to see what metal makes the list. Activision has just posted the list from Guitar Hero 5, which is actually about the 10th game in the series, following Metallica, ’80s, Greatest Hits and about 17 others. Here’s a sampling of the metal goodness to be found within:

  • A Perfect Circle “Judith”
  • Attack! Attack! UK “You and Me”
  • Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name”
  • Children of Bodom “Done With Everything, Die For Nothing”
  • Darkest Hour “Demon(s)”
  • Deep Purple “Woman From Tokyo” (’99 Remix)
  • Iron Maiden “Two Minutes To Midnight”
  • KISS “Shout It Out Loud”
  • Megadeth “Sweating Bullets”
  • Motley Crue “Looks That Kill”
  • Public Enemy featuring Zakk Wylde “Bring the Noise 20xx”
  • Queens of the Stone Age “Make It With Chu”
  • Rammstein “Du Hast”
  • Scars on Broadway “They Say”
  • The Bronx “Six Days a Week”
  • The Sword “Maiden, Mother and Crone”
  • Thrice “Deadbolt”
  • Wolfmother “Back Round”

The full list can be found here. A few thoughts:

Attack! Attack! is featured. Yes! Better practice your crab moves! Er, signature crouches.

Ozzy might not be picking up the phone, at least Chuck D is. But how come Anthrax isn’t involved in the collaboration this time out in what’s arguably the song they’re known best for? Did they not find the time?

Playable characters in the game include Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, and two musicians that aren’t dead: Muse’s Matt Bellamy and Garbage singer and killer urinal Shirley Manson. Also, you’ll be able to play as your own avatar.

Someone at Guitar Hero really loves The Sword. Their career really got kick-started When “Freya” appeared on Guitar Hero 2, and they’re also on Guitar Hero: Metallica.

While any metal fan probably knows most of these songs already, there are a lot of people that will be hearing some of these songs for the first time. These games are great for exposure to bands that GH players might not have otherwise heard, and that’s a win for metal.

Guitar Hero 5 will be released on September 1 .

UPDATE: An alert reader has informed me that Attack! Attack! UK isnt’ the same as Attack Attack!. For one, there’s an extra period. For two, there’s a UK there. So the crabcore band wasn’t original enough to come up their own crappy band name.

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