Metal and video games go together like, well, metal and video games. And in the spirit of games like Brutal Legend and Earache: Extreme Metal Racing comes Death Goat, a came coming out for Xbox Live Indie Games. The game features music from Between the Buried and Me, Holy Grail, God Forbid, and even more underground bands, like Vanisher, Lorelei, Immortal Guardian, Ovid’s Withering and Konkeror. The shooting game, in the words of their Facebook page, aims “to rip your fucking face off & replace it with the face of a goat, at which point you will bow down and thank us for replacing your ugly fucking face with that which is most METAL!”

OK, we’re game. The game, which will be coming soon, is a twin-stick shooter that features the above bands, and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. And hey, even if it sucks, you’ll still get a good soundtrack out of it. Check out a gameplay demo after the jump.