Clutch Comments On Canucks’ Goal Song Choice

Posted by on August 2, 2012

This past year, NHL team Vancouver Canucks decided that their new goal song should be none other than Clutch.

Apparently, the song by the band who just recently debuted a new song was nominated by a fan of the band last season, and the team was very happy with what they heard. The Clutch song they chose is “Electric Worry” from their 2007 record “From Beale Street To Oblivion”. Clutch’s Fallon first found out when he saw a fan-made video of a Canucks goal during a match, and he was quite excited indeed:

I was really stoked. No team has done that for Clutch in any sport. It’s really flattering. To think that the lyrics I wrote in my basement with an obvious nod to John Lee Hooker and his song, ‘Boom, Boom’ would be used like this. Again, all I can say is it is very flattering.

This is especially intriguing for Fallon since he himself is a big fan of hockey.

Hockey is the most rock-and-roll of all the sports. Like a band, it is a team sport where everyone on the team has to count on the others.

Not that that makes Hockey particularly distinct from, say, baseball or football, but we get it, it’s only Rock ‘n Roll but he likes it. However, the love seems to go beyond the sport aspect of it, apparently Fallon is a big fan of the city Vancouver as well. Fallon stated that he would love to see the new goal song in person, so expect to see at least one member of Clutch hitting up Vancouver sometime soon.

“Electric Worry” has also been used in promos for the TV show “Memphis Beat” and and ad for video game Left 4 Dead 2

[via NHL]

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