Warbringer to continue on, says guitarist

Posted by on May 15, 2014

When we heard from Warbringer earlier this week, things weren’t looking particularly good for the California thrash quintet. They’d lost 40% of their lineup after drummer Carlos Cruz and founding guitarist John Laux left the band, and frontman John Kevill suggested that the band might call if quits. It seemed a bit like Kevill might be testing the water to see how the band’s fan base took his threat. One of the most vocal to respond, however, has been guitarist Adam Carroll, who weighed in on his own Facebook page, presumably without proofreading himself:

I would like to clear some of the air about Warbringer. We are in no way that I feel as a member of warbringer going to stop making music and touring. We are simply in a between period until we find the right guys to make for good chemistry in the band so we can carry on. It may take time, but time is on our side and I don’t wanna rush anything to ensure we come back stronger than before! So please be patient with us. There are other factors we have to plan for as well once we have members to hit the road with again. I’ve definitely got another album in me and will gladly tour more. We’re just taking some personal time off to put the pieces back together and make a stronger monster than before. So kick back and rock n roll!!
-Adam Carroll

So there you have it – the band will continue and Adam Carroll writes like he failed out of sixth grade. So it seems like even if the band do stay together, it’ll take a while for them to sort things out. And as Metal Sucks points out, the fact that Kevill and Carroll are making statements that contradict each other and are on different websites doing so suggests that they may not be talking to each other themselves.

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