Yesterday, it was revealed that Van Halen were postponing over 30 previously announced dates this Summer. An official explanation for the sudden change of plans has still not been given. However, according to TMZ, the reason is simple: they’re just burned out.

“They want to make sure their concerts are not a routine … they want every performance to be special,” an unidentified source tells TMZ. The same source claims that Van Halen’s current schedule was “too much, too fast” for them and that they need time to “re-charge their engines.” This comes shortly after Rolling Stone heard from insiders that “The band is arguing like mad. They are fighting.” TMZ’s sources, though, say that reports of any feuds are “total B.S.”

Granted, Van Halen have been doing their fair share of touring in support of their latest album A Different Kind Of Truth. And it’s easy to get burnt out fast while on the road. However, it still seems fishy that Van Halen would postpone over half of their tour so suddenly and without any official reasoning given. Plus, it’s not like the Van Halen brothers and David Lee Roth have always gotten along in the first place. We could speculate multiple theories (maybe they are butting heads constantly, but just need a little time to cool off before getting back on the road?), but we’re sure more is going to develop soon.