Update: Germany’s Rock am Ring resumes after terrorism scare

Posted by on June 3, 2017

Last night (2), approximately over 80,000 attendees were evacuated from one of Germany’s biggest music festivals, Rock am Ring due to a terrorist threat. Police arrived earlier this morning to do a full investigation determining whether the remaining two days should resume. Luckily, they gave the green light and doing what they can to reschedule a few acts from yesterday. Unfortunately, according to their most recent update, it doesn’t look like Rammstein who was originally supposed to headline day one are unable to accommodate them into the revised plan. It is possible things could change, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely. At least there are two days left of the event including acts Gojira, System of A Down, Prophets of Rage, and a whole lot more.

The organisers shared the following updates (transcribed via Facebook):

About Rammstein:

Officially had the interruption of rock am ring has unfortunately meant that rammstein is no longer in the context of this year’s festival may occur. Despite most intensive efforts succeeded not the responsible, a subsequent performance staffing and logistically.

The Broilers are interrupted their gig on Saturday night and on. To what extent the integration of other artists – Friday night – could not occur in the current festival succeeds, it will be thoroughly examined.

Follow details at the earliest possible date.

As a result of the interruption of Rock am Ring ordered by the police, Rammstein will unfortunately not be able to perform on stage within this year´s festival. Despite every effort made it proved impossible to integrate the band into the ongoing schedule of the two remaining festival days.

The Broilers will resume their interrupted performance on Saturday evening. The question is being weight whether other acts, that have been unable to perform on Friday evening, can still be integrated into the event. Further information to follow a.s.a.p.”

On re-opening the festival:

This is the message that all the rock am ring fans are waiting. After intense searches of the entire festivalgeländes suspicions have for acute hazards. The Police gave the green light for a resumption of work on the stages in relation to the opening of the festivalgeländes. An exact time for the opening, we will as soon as possible to communicate. The important thing is, it goes on! Of course we will keep you permanently in the loop. We thank you for your incredibly disciplined behaviour and good cooperation.

These are the news we all have been waiting for:

Rock am Ring 2017 will go on! After intensive searches and sweeps of the complete festival site by the police the suspicion of a potential terrorist threat has not been confirmed.

Set up for day 2 of Rock am Ring has commenced and the program is going to be resumed in the early afternoon. The incredibly disciplined fans deserve all our respect and gratitude.

We keep you posted.”

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