Tool give vague album update

Posted by on January 13, 2015

puckdannyHey guys, Tool is coming out with a new album! Eventually! It was revealed last year that the band’s main reason for the delay in a follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days was “far from completion” due to a lawsuit that had been taking up a lot of their time. The lawsuit, in which a former friend is suing for artwork he allegedly created, is due to go to trial this month. While that seems like an odd reason/excuse for an album to be delayed, Maynard James Keenan has been pretty busy working on Puscifer and wine. And Tool fans are a patient bunch, anyway.

At any rate, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, or at least a glimmer of hope. Yesterday, the band posted the following via their Facebook page:

Starting the New Year off on a positive note, ADAM arrives at the LOFT with an ending for a new TOOL arrangement and gets the nod of approval by the others. As long as they don’t start with the ending, that’s good news.

The Toolband website corroborated the update, stating:

Yes, I know that the puck that DANNY caught happened during a recent L.A. Kings hockey game, but at the Lakers game last night, when I asked him about how things were going with the band, he told me that a couple of days ago ADAM had come into the loft with an ending for a particular song that everyone really liked. So, perhaps the musical arrangement for another TOOL song is finished… unless they sometimes write the end of the song first?

So there you have it. It’s more likely the drummer of Tool will catch a puck at a hockey game before Tool releases a new album. The above news is pretty hopeful though. Or at least it’s some news!


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