John Holmes would’ve loved QOTSA

We mentioned a few weeks ago that Queens of the Stone Age are in the studio recording their long-in-the-works follow up to Era Vulgaris. And now we’ve been given somewhat of an update. Not from the band themselves, mind you, but from Jesse Hughes, who plays with Homme in Eagles of Death Metal.

“Because Joshua Homme’s my best friend, I’m very fortunate in that I Get to be privy to a lot of the cool shit that happens,” he said in a video interview with NME. “The shit I’ve heard from the new Queens album is so badass. It’s really cool. It’s the kina shit that makes John Holmes [legendary porn star] have a bigger dick and he’s dead, so that’s pretty rad.”

If there’s one thing that John Holmes doesn’t need, it’s a bigger dick, but with such a glowing report from Hughes, we’re definitely psyched to hear how the new album sounds when it eventually comes out. Presumably, it will be out later this year, or early next, even though Josh Homme initially said the album would be out in 2011.