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Posted by on September 27, 2013

1380232_570899466279292_1252127798_nBritish metal band Sylosis, who were in a fairly serious accident with their tour RV on American soil last week, are feeling a little beaten up physically and financially after all but one member of the band were hospitalized from their injuries. According to the band’s Facebook page, the accident has not only left them walking like “slow, old men” but  has put a gaping hole in their pockets due to losing the deposit on the RV, the damage to their trailer, booking flights home, equipment damage and accommodation costs. Setting yet another financial burden the band was forced to pull out of their tour with Trivium, DevilDriver and After The Burial, due to injuries.

While Sylosis say the mental support has been overwhelming, they are asking for a little financial assistance to make it through this unfortunate occurrence. Assuring they are not trying to cash in on the accident, they’re asking fans to still purchase tour t-shirts that have become somewhat of a historic collectors item and have also designed a new t-shirt for the cause. They have also set up an account for any donations fans may want to give to the band to help with the costs associated with the accident.

Both of the shirts are available at http://sylosis.myshopify.com/. They are also accepting paypal donations through
[email protected]

Read more of what band front man Josh Middleton, who has been providing updates following the accident, had to say on Facebook about the aftermath of the crash. 

Hey guys. Josh here again and again wanting to thank everyone for their support these past few days. It’s been overwhelming.
We’re really feeling it pretty hard today and are looking like a bunch of slow, old men when we walk. Aside from the physical issues that prevent us from continuing on with the tour it has also put us in thousands of pounds worth of debt due to losing the deposit (and now paying extra) on the RV, damaged trailer, booking new flights home, equipment damage and we’re now incurring all kinds of transport/accommodation costs as we make our journey home.
The last thing we want is for people to think we’re now cashing in on the accident and taking advantage of people’s sympathy, but we need some help right now so we’ve just released two exclusive tshirts where all the profits will go towards clearing our debts. Both of the shirts are available as a pre-order.


One is the tour tshirt (now with the majority of the dates cancelled) and the other is a brand new design we were waiting to release when we launch all our new designs in the a few months time. We like the idea of you guys helping us and actually getting something for your money but we will also accept paypal donations of any kind to:
[email protected]

I can’t stress enough that we do not intend to exploit the situation.

Thanks to all of you guys and the entire metal community right now for showing us so much support these past few days.

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