Some guy that wrote a book says Malcolm Young isn’t returning to AC/DC

Posted by on August 6, 2014

Maybe the headline is simplifying things a bit. Jesse Fink isn’t just some guy. He’s an author that literally wrote the book on AC/DC. The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, was published yesterday, and when during on Boston classic rock station WZLX, he stated that he didn’t think that the band’s longtime rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young would be returning to the band. Here’s what the site said:

When asked about Malcolm’s future with AC/DC and his nephew Stevie’s role as a fill-in rhythm guitarist, Fink said “I’m not expecting to see Malcolm return.” He didn’t clarify whether he meant that as a temporary or permanent absence – and declined to comment publicly on Malcolm’s health – but he added that fans at this point should “expect that Stevie Young is in the band now.”

Not much is known about the next AC/DC album, other than the fact that according to singer Brian Johnson, it’s finished. It will allegedly be out late this year, if not early next. And while it’s unfortunate that Young may not be returning to the band, and didn’t play on the album. At least Stevie Young, his nephew, is in the band.

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