Serj Tankian Once Again Downplays Talk About New System Of A Down Album

Posted by on August 1, 2013

serj tankianNoticing a pattern here?  Whenever a member of System Of A Down speaks out about the status of a new album, Serj Tankian quickly downplays the hype. Last Monday night, it was drummer John Dolmayan who told the crowd at SOAD’s show at the Hollywood Bowl that “Next time we come back here, we’ll have a new fucking album!” And it didn’t take long for the singer to chime in, shooting down any hopes of a new album in the immediate future.

During an AMA on Reddit yesterday, Tankian was bombarded with questions about System Of A Down. When asked whether or not the band was working a new a new album, Tankian responded “No, that is not true. A quick scan of press online will show that we have not yet agreed on a timetable for another record due to its time commitments.” When further pressed about whether he’s even interested in writing a new SOAD album, Tankian said “Yes of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be discussing it at all … I am not opposed to making a System record at all. It just has to be the right time for us all in the band.” Tankian also addressed Shavo Odadjian’s infamous series of comments on his Facebook page (suggesting Tankian was to blame for no new album). “Shavo’s comments have been redacted by the author 🙂 The truth is above in my first answer,” replied Tankian.

Tankian’s comments are far from surprising (even without the pattern). As we mentioned upon hearing Dolmayan’s choice of words for the L.A. crowd, it could be a while till SOAD even plays in the States again (let alone records a new album). So to make an already long story short, continue to not hold your breath.

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