Rob Zombie apologizes for Rock Fest cancellation

Posted by on July 22, 2014

ZombieThe last we heard from Rob Zombie, he was  croaking out an apology after playing only two songs in Cadott, WI to wrap up the four-day Rock Fest on Sunday. Fans weren’t happy, and Rob didn’t apologize right away, which annoyed them even more. Fortunately, he responded to the fans today with not only a lengthy apology, but a picture of his inflamed throat, which looks more horrifying than many of the images in his films. He also made a promise to try to make it up to everyone that was affected by his cancellation. Here’s what he had to say:

I am very sorry to everyone who was at RockFest. Believe it or not this is the first time in 29 years I have not been able to finish a show. I have played through many many nights with a fucked voice. I knew it backstage but came out and tried anyway, but failed. I understand people are pissed, but what can you do? It is easy to say “man up and just do it” but when no sound is coming out there is nothing you can do. If you have ever lost your voice before, then you know it doesn’t magically return just because you want it to. If there was a way to do the show I would have done it, as I have many, many times before. Fuck, I done shows where I walked to the side of the stage between songs to vomit I was so sick. Whatever. I’m not looking for sympathy and I don’t expect anyone care but these are the facts.

As far as everyone yelling “I’ve been a fan for 20 years and now I fucking hate you! you pussy rockstar!” What can I say fucking shitty stuff happens sometimes. I tried explaining it into the mic before I left the stage but I could barely croak out a word. Do you think their was any upside to that show for me? Nope, it’s all a big fucking mess that I wish never happened. We are trying to figure out a time and place to make it up to everybody.

I don’t take the fans for granted and I don’t take this situation lightly. My goal is to never let the fans down, but on that night I did. Unfortunately I had no choice.

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