Randy Blythe has choice words for funeral crasher

Posted by on April 3, 2014

brockie3On April Fool’s day, several hundred people attended the private memorial for GWAR frontman Dave Brockie, whose death we’re still trying to come to grips with. Even though we didn’t really know him, it’s a tough time, knowing what a personality he was an knowing people that were proud to call him a friend. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was there, and even got up to say a few words at the service. Unfortunately, an uninvited guest showed up at the memorial, and while Blythe took the high road, he had some words of advice for the guy via his Instagram account.

It’s time to get back to work. I have been a mess this past week, unable to write on my book much, but thankfully I went to Dave Brockie’s memorial April Fool’s day. I was one of 3 people who were not part of GWAR who spoke- this was a gift & an honor for me. When someone you love dies, the very absence of that person grows into something huge & unmanageable unless you let it out somehow. This is the nature of grief, & this is what mourning with you community is for- I haven’t been around my people enough lately. I tried to do him proud, & even got heckled a bit, which was ENTIRELY FITTING at a funereal for Dave- this was a private affair, only for friends & fam, & there were several hundred rowdy crying folks there, so you can only imagine what the public memorial in Aug will be like. An uninvited fan even managed to piss me off- this should be obvious, but apparently people have gotten so stupid these days I have to say this: a) if you aren’t invited, don’t show up at a funereal- it’s NOT a show, no matter who died, & b) if you do show up, just be quiet & respectful- don’t come up, tell me how awesome I am, start grinning & throwing the horns & ask for a picture. I took the photo, because it was either that or choke the idiot kid out, but REALLY dude? Of course that this happened is also ENTIRELY FITTING, because Brockie is laughing at me being all pissed somewhere right now (F you, bro). This is my first attempt at photographing star trails last night, & it is how I will say goodbye to Dave here- farewell, old friend, until we meet again. Now get out of my head for a bit, I’m busy & have shit do, & we will see each other soon enough. Peace & love to the RVA!

What a difference a few years makes. If an uninvited guest shows up for a private funeral, almost anyone would want to escort them out, to say the least. Let alone Randy Blythe. But after all he’s been through, it’s perfectly understandable why he wouldn’t lose his temper in a forum like this, but it’s still to be commended.

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