Prosecutor Denies Randy Blythe’s Bail Again

Posted by on July 25, 2012

According to The Gauntlet, who have sources in Prague, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe’s bail has once again been denied by the prosecutor. Court documents were presented to the Prague Municipal Court yesterday. On Friday (27), the prosecutor will appear in court to give his reason to the judge to keep Randy until a trial. After this, the judge has five days to rule, then another five days for his ruling to be published to the court. Unless the judge rules to formally file charges, Blythe will be free to go. So far, the prosecutor’s objections have been denied multiple times, so fingers crossed that Blythe is out at the latest by August 6.

Aside from Blythe’s imprisonment for a crime he has yet to be charged for, and the tragic incident at Lamb of God’s 2010 show that led to a fan’s death, this brings up the band’s tour with Dethklok and Gojira, which was set to kick off  a week from today (8/1). While one show was allegedly cancelled yesterday, that was attributed to a “mistake at the box office” and it’s still listed as taking place. However, with the timeline of Blythe’s release as listed above, at the very least, a week’s worth of dates would have to be cancelled, and I’m imagine that he wouldn’t want to go straight from a month plus imprisonment to living in a tour bus for the next month and a half. We’ll keep you updated, as an announcement on the tour should come imminently. Meanwhile, the petition to get his case in front of the White House is growing, and now only needs 606 signatures. At this rate, it will have all 25,000 signatures today.

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